About us

The Greater Grace church of Kuopio, Finland is an evangelical Christian church. The church is affiliated with the international Greater Grace World Outreach (GGWO), which has affiliate churches in over 50 countries.

In Finland GGWO was established in 1975 in the capital Helsinki and after that in addition to Kuopio churches have been planted in TurkuTampereJyväskyläVaasaPori and Hämeenlinna.

The church emphasizes on the grace of God, teaching of the Bible and evangelism.

In Kuopio, Finland the GGWO church has been operating since 1981 when pastor Risto Kraaman started as a pastor. Since 1993 Björn Cederberg has been the pastor of the church. Work in Kuopio has been fruitful and the church has sent multiple missionaries around the world.

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