A thought for Christmas

In my memories I return to Christmas time when I was a child; on Christmas eve I’m sitting on the balcony of the Vaasa cathedral. The hymn composed by Jean Sibelius and based on lyrics by Zacharias Topelius is playing in the cathedral (freely translated as follows):

I’m not looking for power or glory, not seeking gold either, I’m simply asking for light from Heaven and peace on earth.

The melody and especially the lyrics ring true in my soul. People are singing and I join them. My heart is joyous in joining and uplifting hymn and I experience a magestic atmosphere in combination with heart-warming peace. “I don’t want to leave”, I’m thinking to myself as I’m sitting there. I realize I’m repeating the lyrics to myself: “Neither do I want glory and shine, but rather that God who is merciful give me your presence and have your angels guard my life and let me be content with what You provide for me in your goodness.”

This, I think, is the essense of the message of Christmas. God in his grace gave his son Jesus to be born in the midst of us humans so that He could give us a touch of Heaven. Christmas is a message about caring, love, unselfishness and new opportunities, presented to us unexpectedly. God wants to communicate to us imperfect people that He has a good will towards us. Let us hence agree with God and receive the grace He wants to extend to us for that is where rest and peace are found.


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