Our Bible school semester has started on Sep. 6th. Come and join us.

Last week we began studying the apostle Paul´s first letter to the church in Corinth.

Paul had founded the church during his second missionary journey in year 50 A.D. Paul stayed in Corinth for 1,5 years before he continued his journey to Ephesus. Shortly after Paul’s departure from Corinth, the church ran into serious problems which Paul dealt with in his letters addressed to the church.

At the time of Paul’s first letter the church in Corinth was only 5 years old and in the letter we get a glimpse of the challenges the church had faced. These challenges were a reflection of the surrounding society.

Time: Thursdays at 6 pm

Place: Church facility at Nahkurinkatu 1 (Niiralankatu 8)

Teacher: Pastor Björn Cederberg



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